Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Fight Lights Out Review

The Fight: Lights Out Review

Punching it's way to your television set is The Fight: Lights Out.

Prepare to have sore arms for the next couple days. The first street fighting simulator for the PlayStation Move really is a great workout. 

I have to admit it's kind of nice that this game keeps track of all the calories that you burn, for all you work out enthusiast.While this game claims to be a streetfighting simulator it's really more of a boxing simulator, cos there is no use of your feet.

While during most fights it's incredibly accurate, other times your fighter just goes a little ... Off. 

During replay you look like you don't know how to throw a punch for your life, but this is partially because you can't use your feet to move which would be the most logical way you would do something like that, but because of the game mechanics you have to use the buttons. Also throwing combinations at your opponent almost never seems to work efficiently.

You have a stamina bar that goes down as you throw punches. Is it just me or should my stamina in this game be what my stamina is in real life!? Its not as though I don't get tired. This system forces you to block when probably wouldn't in a real life.

The motion tracking in this game is incredibly hit or miss. Sometimes it works great and it's able to connect my punches when it should and sometimes it just doesn't work at all. 

Before each fight you have the option to bet on yourself, and because of this motion control problem, it makes me not want to bet on myself and then have to pay to have myself healed afterwards as well.

Danny Trejo Is the face of The Fight and boy it's an ugly face but that's why I love him. I guess when he's not showing up in a Robert Rodriguez film, he's coaching and talking trash to would-be fighters. Trejo starts you off on your quest to be the top underground fighter, by teaching you the basics. Also along your journey he gives you helpful advice.

The concept for this game seems great but every fight feels the same nothing feels special. Yeah you get your occasional dirty moves but it's not enough to let the game feel fresh. Also if you're not a fan of the washed out look, everything just starts looking black and white after a while. And it's style could get irritating after a little while. Your character is customizable too but almost everything you can equip you have to unlock. Also you can upgrade your fighters stats but they really don't feel like they do anything to your character for the overall gameplay.

One of the other huge downsides of The Fight is that it's required you have two Move controllers. For some I can see this being somewhat of a annoying, small, investment just to play one game, although it's not like you can't use two controllers on other Move titles.

Although I had a decently fun time with this game, it's very forgettable.
The Fight: Lights Out gets a

6 out of 10

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