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Real Racing 2 Review

Real Racing 2 Review

If you like racing that's not fake, Real Racing 2 might be right on your race track.

I need to be honest right now. I'm not reviewing the iPhone or iPad version of this game, but I'm going to have to assume that they are basically the same, seeing as how there's cross-platform play. I tried playing this game with all 4 different controllers and I definitely think the PC version of this game has the upper hand, and I'll explain.

Using my iPhone just didn't feel right, almost like there was a bit of delay, which in a racing game you cant have, and at one point in the middle of a race it just disconnected, forcing me to end the race.

Using the directional keys sounds like it would work fine, but using the keys makes your car jerk in the direction suddenly, which in this game makes your car just a bit slower, and once again in a racing game you just can't have that. The trackpad is the next best thing. It gives you the option to hold while turning and cornering without quickly jerking the car left or right. But using the trackpad just feels weird to me. And finally the way that feels like cheating, is to use a game consoles controller like an Xbox or PlayStation. You get all of the precision with none of the delay, also it's far easier to make tight turns.

There are five different types of races. Time trials, head-to-head, elimination, single races, and circuit races.

During a time trial race there's no one else on the track but you and all you have to do is get to the finish line within a predetermined amount of time.

Head-to-head, put you against one other racer, who you simply must beat.

Elimination, put you against a few other racers, and after it each lap the driver in last place gets eliminated, until there is only one car left.

A single race is just that. One race against 15 other cars.

The circuit race puts you against the same 15 drivers in a series of different racetracks, with each position per  race giving you a different score, after all the races are finished the racer with the highest score wins. 

Also as a little extra if you want to play with others there's online multiplayer. But they need to change the online multiplayer's name to the 1995 McLaren F1 - GTR race. Look at this! Almost everyone I'm racing has this damn car!

They need to make it so simaler engines race together, otherwise the McLaren's gunna win every time cos his car can go more then 300 Miles Per Hour. Until then I'm simply not going to play multiplayer. Now with all that aside, this wouldn't be a racing game without cars and while this game doesn't have a huge selection of cars it's got a decent selection of cars. 9 Different makes and around 27 different cars all together 

When upgrading your cars you need to make sure that you don't go above the limit for your race that you're going to compete in. Having a car that's too souped-up will make it so you wont qualify to race. Also this is one of those games where they make it incredibly difficult at first but then as you race on, it becomes easier and easier, with car upgrades.

This game looks both good and bad all the same time. The cars are all very shiny and pretty and the tracks themselves are very well put together but the spectators and the far-off details don't look very good. In general it looks nice though.

I'm not much of a racing fanatic but overall this game is okay.
Real Racing 2 gets a

7 out of 10

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