Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Fight Lights Out Review

The Fight: Lights Out Review

Punching it's way to your television set is The Fight: Lights Out.

Prepare to have sore arms for the next couple days. The first street fighting simulator for the PlayStation Move really is a great workout. 

I have to admit it's kind of nice that this game keeps track of all the calories that you burn, for all you work out enthusiast.While this game claims to be a streetfighting simulator it's really more of a boxing simulator, cos there is no use of your feet.

While during most fights it's incredibly accurate, other times your fighter just goes a little ... Off. 

During replay you look like you don't know how to throw a punch for your life, but this is partially because you can't use your feet to move which would be the most logical way you would do something like that, but because of the game mechanics you have to use the buttons. Also throwing combinations at your opponent almost never seems to work efficiently.

You have a stamina bar that goes down as you throw punches. Is it just me or should my stamina in this game be what my stamina is in real life!? Its not as though I don't get tired. This system forces you to block when probably wouldn't in a real life.

The motion tracking in this game is incredibly hit or miss. Sometimes it works great and it's able to connect my punches when it should and sometimes it just doesn't work at all. 

Before each fight you have the option to bet on yourself, and because of this motion control problem, it makes me not want to bet on myself and then have to pay to have myself healed afterwards as well.

Danny Trejo Is the face of The Fight and boy it's an ugly face but that's why I love him. I guess when he's not showing up in a Robert Rodriguez film, he's coaching and talking trash to would-be fighters. Trejo starts you off on your quest to be the top underground fighter, by teaching you the basics. Also along your journey he gives you helpful advice.

The concept for this game seems great but every fight feels the same nothing feels special. Yeah you get your occasional dirty moves but it's not enough to let the game feel fresh. Also if you're not a fan of the washed out look, everything just starts looking black and white after a while. And it's style could get irritating after a little while. Your character is customizable too but almost everything you can equip you have to unlock. Also you can upgrade your fighters stats but they really don't feel like they do anything to your character for the overall gameplay.

One of the other huge downsides of The Fight is that it's required you have two Move controllers. For some I can see this being somewhat of a annoying, small, investment just to play one game, although it's not like you can't use two controllers on other Move titles.

Although I had a decently fun time with this game, it's very forgettable.
The Fight: Lights Out gets a

6 out of 10

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Portal 2 Review

Portal 2 Review

Portal 2 is out for the PlayStation 3, X Box 360 and PC and this time around it's AMAZING. Everything about this game is AMAZING!

The writing is great. this game prides itself with being a surprisingly funny.

While this isn't the greatest looking game. its defiantly got its style. while the game docent look entirely like the first Portal it shares the same atmosphere only this time around its thousands of days later and the testing facility has been overrun with wildlife. 

Yes Portal 2 is a first person shooter but you wont kill one thing in this game. the only weapon you have is a portal gun that shoot two types of portals an in and an out. The whole point of this game is to get from destination A to destination B. this game is literally one big maze.

Portal 2 also goes back to the "original" testing facility, where colored goos are introduced, a blue goo that makes it so you can jump higher, an orange goo that makes you move quicker, a white goo that makes it so you can put portals on surfaces where you previously couldn't. compared to the rest of the game the "original" testing facility dramatically slows down the pacing of the game and very commonly drive you nuts trying to figure out what to do next in this huge testing facility. 

You don't have to have played the first game to understand what is going on in the second game, also there's not on mention of cake in this installment.  

If you own both a PlayStation 3 and a PC there is absolutely no reason not to buy the PlayStation 3 version because it come with a free PC download of the game, that links both games together, and you can also play with your Steam friends online.

oh the online.

I thought the online for this game was going to be imposable and after playing through the whole thing the major issue for multiplayer is that there's almost no replay value.

Once you know how to solve a puzzle the willingness to help someone who is just seeing things for the first can be overwhelming and sadly this can take away fun from the other player who is just seeing the problem for the first time and trying to figure it out for themselves. So if your new to Portal online try and play with someone who is also new. This will keep the teamwork up and you can both figure out the problem together

Overall I think this is a game contestant for game of the year, 
I'm going to have to give Portal 2 a 

10 out of 10.

L.A. Noire Review

L.A. Noire Review

The highly anticipated LA Noire is out for the X Box 360 and the Play Station 3. 

Rock Star has done it once again, with the success of the Grand Theft Auto series, and Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire is another masterpiece to add to Rock Stars impressive collection of top notch games.  

Personally I'm not a fan of noire story telling and to be honest I didn't really see how it was possible to tell these types of stories in a game but i must say I am pleasantly surprised. The stories and crime told in this game are top notch. every case even the side quest are amazing stories to be experienced in this lively 1940's city of Los Angles. 

While the games city isn't necessarily the most visually perfect world, its flawed with some low res textures, but considering how large LA is and how much atmosphere is in the game it looks incredible. But where LA Noire's graphics really shine is in the amazing  facial animations. 

The people look flawless and the acting is top notch. While playing the game you will have to decide weather or not a suspect is lying to you or there telling the truth, if you don't think someone is being truthful with you, but you don't have any proof you can alway doubt them as well,  but if you accuse some one of lying be prepared to back it up with some evidence.

LA Noire takes place along four different desk, Traffic, Homicide, Vice, and Arson, And with each desk you are assigned a different partner. If you get stumped your partner is always there to guide you to what you need to do next.  

He is also there to help you cut off a person you may be pursuing on foot or shoot out the tires during a car chase. 

Clues are key to this game, linking evidence is how you get people to confess to crimes. Also you may need to find clues to link you to other more relevant clues.

Some of the people you may want to arrest but sometimes thats just not possible unfortunately  even if you shot someone some place non lethal they will die,  there is no option, other than when its given, to try and arrest someone, so sometimes even people you don't want to kill, you have too.

While this game isn't for very one, if your looking for a Grand Theft Auto game set in the 40's you will be disappointed but if your looking for a thought provoking crime misery game, LA Noire is the game for you.

9 out of 10

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sound Shapes Review

Sound Shapes Review

Casual gamers the game you obviously haven't been looking for is here. And it's Sound Shapes!

Sounds Shapes combines music and classic side scrolling to make for a surprisingly fun little game.

I say little because this game only has 20 levels, that span 5 different world all of which are different and interesting each with their own unique music. 

Each level takeing anywhere from three minutes to about eight minutes to finish. Altogether making about two hours of a solid game. Considering this game only cost $15 or $11 if your PlayStation plus subscriber, it's not that bad deal.

I'm sure the developers were more focused on making a game where the gaming community, could make fun levels themselves. 

After beating each level you're given a series of things that either make music, or are set pieces, for your own unique musical levels.

After this game has been out for a while I'm sure many people will have a tun of great handmade musical levels, for everyone to enjoy. 

The premise of this game is unbelievably simple. You stick to light colored objects and not to dark colored objects, anything red will kill you if you touch it, sending you back to the nearest checkpoint with no consequence whatsoever, other than you lose your collected coins, since your last checkpoint. 

When you collect sympathizer "coins" the music changes the beat to that note. The notes are also counted at the end of the level.

With so few levels and At no point does any level look impossible for anyone to beat, it's very clear and easy for anyone to beat this game within a few hours which is probably one of its major downfalls.

Each of the five worlds has its own unique looks which I have to admit are very cool, and the art style verys from level to level.

I hade a lot of fun with this game and I can't wait to see what the community makes up. 

I'm giving Sound Shapes a
8 out of 10

Papo & Yo Review

Papo & Yo Review

Papo & Yo is out now from the PlayStation Store. 

A game where you play as Quiko a young boy with a colorful imagination but a deep dark other side.

The world you are playing in take place in the imagination of the young boy, who is basically hiding from his real world demons. 

The world is very ... Inception. The way in which you pay in the world effects the overall look from area to area, that's not to say the game will play differently from player to player, this game is still very much linear, though it does a decent job of not feeling that way.

You start the game off by yourself chasing after a little girl, even though it's not directly said, it's implied that the little girl, is your sister.

Along your journey you meet Lola who is a little yellow robot that not only helps you out with jumping but also opens specific locks for you.

You also come across a monster named Monster. It's very clear from the moment you meet Monster that this dark creature is the driving force of the story in this game.

Monster has a little problem, most of the time he's a great companion that helps you out on your journey. 

You can guide him around with these little yellow fruits. He activates different glowing marks that are found through out the game. 

The real driving force in the game is that Monster is addicted to frogs, and when he has them, they cause him to go crazy and harm Quiko. 

There is an event that keeps happening in the game that continually implies that something bad happens to the real monster, but by the end of the game this scene still isn't really explained, making the 
Unbelievably sad ending kind of flat like it didn't explain enough.

By the middle of the game the explanation of what things represent don't really need to be explained any more and at the end they basically tell you, so what was inferred is outright spoon fead to you, by the end of the game.

Though I've never personally dealt with the heart ack the creator of this game obviously has I can empathizes and really try my best to enjoy his story. 

It's amazing that his story could be told in this medium and any time someone can bare themselves to an audience like this, you really just need to sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Where this game has an amazing story it is plagued with technical glitches, frame rate stutters, and occasions where you fall, and the game doesn't know how to reset, there was one area where I had to reset the game a few times to get past it.

This game has a great concept and a great story but a few technical glitches really keep it from shining

That's why Papo & Yo gets a 
6 out of 10.