Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Wolf Among Us - Ch 1 - Faith - Review

The Wolf Among Us - Ch 1 - Faith - Review

The Wolf Among Us comes from a comic book by Bill Willingham called Fables.
I've never read it so have no idea what it's about, just like this game, I went into it with a clean slate, and I was pleasantly surprised.
The game is set in a place called Fabletown, which is literally a recreation of New York City, 
in a area where fairytales characters all live in harmony or at least did until the events of a mysterious murder.
You play as Big B who is the Big Bad Wolf, ironically the first person you get into a fight with happens to be the Woodsman who in the fairytale kills the Big Bad Wolf. 
If you've ever read the Brothers Grimm fairytales or seen any Disney movies it is a real treat to see famous characters and what could possibly be there real world counterparts.
When I started playing this game I thought it would be fun to tackle it as a bad ass until decisions I made had me regretting my past decisions, later on I tackled the game in another fashion. 
If you've never played a TellTale game then you should know that decisions you choose to make affect future decisions and options. 
So decisions you choose to make affect possible outcomes in the future.
I don't know if I simply don't remember past TellTale games action sequences being this interesting but this time around The Wolf Among Us has excellent Quick Time events. 
Whether it's a chase or a fight your still given options on what things you interact with.
Personally I enjoy the art style, even though I understand why people wouldn't. With a great story, interesting choices, intense action scenes, and an amazing twist ending that leaves me hungry for the next installment.
Chapter 1, Faith of The Wolf Among Us gets a 9 out of 10.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ibb & Obb Review

Ibb& Obb Review

If you're looking for a game that will work your brain then this is Ibb & Obb, the third game in Sony's 2013 play campaign, is out now.
Ibb & Obb is a game that demands you to split your attention between two characters, 
if that's not brain inducing enough, you also have to keep track of the gravity in the game, not enough for you? You also have to keep track of enemy placement, 
still not enough for you? Using two characters that both have to work together you have to work your way through a series of team puzzles together.
Ibb & Obb is one of the few games that truly is better when you're playing it with someone else. 
If you're looking for a game you could play with your girlfriend this might be the kind of game you should pull out. It's a fun simple puzzle game that's easy to learn but difficult to master.
I can't tell you how many times I literally said "Wait one second my brain doesn't function like this!" To my friend who happened to figure out the puzzle before me. This is also the kind of game that you almost completely over think in certain areas. 
After playing a few areas I recall there being one section that took us a while to figure out but the answer to the puzzle was amazingly simple, and right in front of us. 
On the other side of that coin, certain puzzles had us scratching our heads for quite a while before we figured out the solution. Figuring out difficult puzzles is quite gratifying when playing this game.
This game throws a few different mechanics at you, one of your characters can jump on the head of the other character to get a boost up to higher platforms. 
There are portal type dividers that separate the top from the bottom areas, and some of those portal dividers only specific characters can go through. 
There are jump pads which the characters use to launch one another. 
There are even bubbles that shift gravity, it all sounds difficult but plays quite smoothly.
I think Ibb & Obb is a wonderful beautiful puzzle game that plays great with a friend (not so much by yourself) so Ibb &Obb gets a 8 out of 10. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cloudberry Kingdom Review

Cloudberry Kingdom Review
I'm going to get a lot of hate for this review I can already see it. Look at this game, just look at it. It looks like a Cyanide and Happiness cartoon come to life in all the wrong ways. 
This is Cloudberry Kingdom, it's the second game of the 2013 Play campaign.
I really don't know what to say about this game other then, look at it! It plays the way it looks, like crap. Story wise there's something going on, what it is I don't know. 
You're a little green guy who is doing something, I don't know. This game has hundreds of levels not one of them is entertaining. 
Apparently this game prides itself on being able to randomly generate a crap level, because that sounds like fun. 
Even if you're massively board, the short levels in this game will make you feel like you've wasting your wasted time. At times some of the levels seem massively difficult, in fact sometimes somewhat impossible, to the point where you're not even trying, just timing out the level correctly. 
Then the level right after will be unbelievably simple, and passable within seconds. That's right levels in this game almost literally takes seconds to beat unless you get stuck then they take a minute to beat (possibly less).
You collect coins for some reason, why I don't know there's some kind of bonus at the end of the level if you get all of them, it's not as though you'll care to see your score, if there is one, I couldn't have cared less. It's not so much that this game is difficult, because it is, but there's no payoff There's no sense of accomplishment. 
Even though games like Super Meat Boy were certainly difficult at least the payoff made you glad to beat the level, there was a sense of accomplishment. In Cloudberry Kingdom after you beat a level you almost literally play the same level over again. Yes they might change the background but the level is still exactly the same.
The controls for this game felt a tad clunky, the hit detection is awful and the story which is barely there is it's just awful. This game tried to be funny and just fell on its face with poor line delivery. 
This game feels like it should be a PlayStation Mini title but charges a not so mini price of $10, which is about $8 to much for this game.
Cloudberry Kingdom gets a 1 out of 10