Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Unfinished Swan Review

The Unfinished Swan Review

The Unfinished Swan I think had the potential to be a very deep and engaging experience, it just fell a little short.

The game starts you off in complete whiteness. It doesn't explain what you should do, you kinda just need to figure it out.

When you start the game off you are a little boy inside of his moms painting throwing around these globs of black paint which you use to see your way around. 

At around the second area of the game the art style changes up and finally were given shadows. I realize that sounds dumb but its very disorienting not having any sort of visual cues to help guide you. 

This is also when you get the blue globs of water which you use not only to see your way around with, but they are also used to grow these wild patches of Ivey which you can climb on. 

I'm a little disappointed with the water only because they could have done something with "water colors" but the art "style" never really changes and I think that would have been a fun way to Introduce a new chapter in the game.

This is another game that tackles a tough subject a little differently. The  story revolves around the death of a loved one and the feeling of his loss. The story and scale of the world might seem larger then life at times but it's really not. 

The storyline is tough, yet told very eloquently, and the world at times looks very complex but when you sit down and tackle it, it really seems to flow nicely.

I was able to sit down in one sitting and really enjoy my time with this game. It's got it's few moments of real cute charm 

The Unfinished Swan only took me about 2 hours to beat, and it does an honest attempt to try and make you play it again with the inclusion of buying "toys" which you get from and use to collect more balloons, that are scattered throughout each level.

The Unfinished Swan is cute but short and that's why it
gets a 7 out of 10