Monday, August 27, 2012

Papo & Yo Review

Papo & Yo Review

Papo & Yo is out now from the PlayStation Store. 

A game where you play as Quiko a young boy with a colorful imagination but a deep dark other side.

The world you are playing in take place in the imagination of the young boy, who is basically hiding from his real world demons. 

The world is very ... Inception. The way in which you pay in the world effects the overall look from area to area, that's not to say the game will play differently from player to player, this game is still very much linear, though it does a decent job of not feeling that way.

You start the game off by yourself chasing after a little girl, even though it's not directly said, it's implied that the little girl, is your sister.

Along your journey you meet Lola who is a little yellow robot that not only helps you out with jumping but also opens specific locks for you.

You also come across a monster named Monster. It's very clear from the moment you meet Monster that this dark creature is the driving force of the story in this game.

Monster has a little problem, most of the time he's a great companion that helps you out on your journey. 

You can guide him around with these little yellow fruits. He activates different glowing marks that are found through out the game. 

The real driving force in the game is that Monster is addicted to frogs, and when he has them, they cause him to go crazy and harm Quiko. 

There is an event that keeps happening in the game that continually implies that something bad happens to the real monster, but by the end of the game this scene still isn't really explained, making the 
Unbelievably sad ending kind of flat like it didn't explain enough.

By the middle of the game the explanation of what things represent don't really need to be explained any more and at the end they basically tell you, so what was inferred is outright spoon fead to you, by the end of the game.

Though I've never personally dealt with the heart ack the creator of this game obviously has I can empathizes and really try my best to enjoy his story. 

It's amazing that his story could be told in this medium and any time someone can bare themselves to an audience like this, you really just need to sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Where this game has an amazing story it is plagued with technical glitches, frame rate stutters, and occasions where you fall, and the game doesn't know how to reset, there was one area where I had to reset the game a few times to get past it.

This game has a great concept and a great story but a few technical glitches really keep it from shining

That's why Papo & Yo gets a 
6 out of 10.

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