Monday, August 27, 2012

Sound Shapes Review

Sound Shapes Review

Casual gamers the game you obviously haven't been looking for is here. And it's Sound Shapes!

Sounds Shapes combines music and classic side scrolling to make for a surprisingly fun little game.

I say little because this game only has 20 levels, that span 5 different world all of which are different and interesting each with their own unique music. 

Each level takeing anywhere from three minutes to about eight minutes to finish. Altogether making about two hours of a solid game. Considering this game only cost $15 or $11 if your PlayStation plus subscriber, it's not that bad deal.

I'm sure the developers were more focused on making a game where the gaming community, could make fun levels themselves. 

After beating each level you're given a series of things that either make music, or are set pieces, for your own unique musical levels.

After this game has been out for a while I'm sure many people will have a tun of great handmade musical levels, for everyone to enjoy. 

The premise of this game is unbelievably simple. You stick to light colored objects and not to dark colored objects, anything red will kill you if you touch it, sending you back to the nearest checkpoint with no consequence whatsoever, other than you lose your collected coins, since your last checkpoint. 

When you collect sympathizer "coins" the music changes the beat to that note. The notes are also counted at the end of the level.

With so few levels and At no point does any level look impossible for anyone to beat, it's very clear and easy for anyone to beat this game within a few hours which is probably one of its major downfalls.

Each of the five worlds has its own unique looks which I have to admit are very cool, and the art style verys from level to level.

I hade a lot of fun with this game and I can't wait to see what the community makes up. 

I'm giving Sound Shapes a
8 out of 10

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