Monday, August 27, 2012

Counter Strike Global Offensive Review

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Review

So Counter Strike: Global Offensive or Counter Strike GO, is out now.

I have to admit I never played counterstrike before even though I know it's a huge game. This was my first time ever seeing it.

Typically I don't like games like this. When I played call of duty, I'm usually playing the story mode. Blasphemy I know.

This game is still different though. Unlike any other modern day shooter when you lose health in this game it doesn't come back.

This game doesn't have a story either. You play either as a terrorist or the counterterrorist. And objectives are almost always the same.

As a terrorist you either have to make sure the other team doesn't rescue your hostages, OR plant a bomb, and protect it before any other counterterrorists can disarm it. 

Not everyone in the team can plant a explosive only one player starts off with the bomb and it's his job to try and have a go off in one of the designated areas.

The rules are basically the opposite for the counterterrorist. your goal is to rescue hostages, or disarm a bomb that one of the terrorist have planted. The only difference is any counterterrorist can disarm a bomb.

There's something strangely fun about planning a terrorist and starting the round with the explosive, I always got real excited when that happened, there's something about having your bomb go off that's strangely invigorating. 

Also at any point that all the players on one team has died, the game ends and the other team wins. You don't respawn in this game. Once you're dead you're dead until the end of that round.

each round that you play you obtain cash which you can use in the game to purchase weapons, or gear. 

Unless you're playing the Demolition game mode, where with each kill and each round you get different weapons. 

Also the only game mode where there are respaens is arms race which is basically gun game. Each time you killed the opponent you get a new firearm, this is fun because you get to use all the different weapons, which you'll have a blast with.

I found Demolition to be the funnest ways to play the game, people that I was playing with online also agreed to this, and it was almost always different, which makes for a great time.

The levels in this game are also very well thought out too. my favorite would have to be this house. 

Where there's 100 different ways to do the objective, no matter what side you're on.

In this game you can't aim down the sites like you can another modern-day shooters. I found myself wanting to do this quite a bit, the closest thing to it, is crouching which causes you're gun not to move as much.

Overall I had a great time with this game and even though I like to see Half-Life 2 episode 3 come out sometime soon I guess this is a fun distraction as well, just let Portal 2


With the weird glitchy looks of some things and hit detection not being as good as I think it should Counter Strike GO gets a 

8 out of 10.

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